Praise for Sue Campbell

I heartily recommend Sue Campbell Book Design.  Using old photos that I provided, Sue created stunning cover art for two of my books and skillfully guided both through the entire publication process.  Her efficiency, expertise, and close attention to detail made the publication process fast and easy for me.  I was completely satisfied with the look and quality of both Memory Quilt and Turnings, and I highly recommend Sue’s expert personalized service.”  — Carol Grever, author

“Sue is the embodiment of an extremely talented professional who combines years of experience in publishing with a curiosity that embraces the cutting edge of technology. Not only was Sue invaluable to Trapdoor as our resident publishing guru, her indomitable work ethic kept books rolling out the door with outstanding regularity – sometimes against the most daunting odds. Sue is honest, straightforward, and excels at managing both her own projects and her team – she truly leads by example. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. If you need a professional publisher with an eye towards detail and the ability to keep any project on schedule, then Sue is your woman.” — Chris Matney, Managing Director, Trapdoor Technologies & Publisher, Trapdoor Books

Praise for Sue’s cover design on Thoughts on Translation by Corinne McKay

“I just wanted to rave about BMW member Sue Campbell who just did the cover for my next book, a compilation of entries from my translation business blog. I kind of struggle with all types of design projects because I am so *not* a visual person; but Sue “got” my project right from the beginning, and gave me a range of beautiful designs to choose from. Plus she answers e-mails immediately, is totally easy to work with and will make your homemade logo into a professional-looking one! This was such a great experience that I had to write a blog post about it, and you can see the cover there too! Thoughts on Translation” — Corrinne McKay, Author

Praise for Sue’s Work on A Leap Into the Unknown

“Here is yet another in the deservedly growing number of people singing the praises of Sue Campbell. Several years ago an editing client, Judy Rosenfeld, came to me. She was an emerging writer, who wanted to develop those skills while writing her memoir, the chronicle of her illness and journey to healing. We worked together on her writing and the book for two years. When Judy realized she wasn’t going to live to finish her book, she asked me to finish it for her; I agreed and did so. It was her desire that A Leap Into the Unknown: One Woman’s Healing Journey be published, and so I became involved in that, too.
Enter Sue Campbell. Judy’s brother hired Sue to design the book’s cover and do its layout, then see to the publishing of it i n a beautiful soft-cover volume, as well as getting it set to sell on CreateSpace and amazon. From our first conversation to overseeing the last detail of this project, Sue’s work was superior. She is the embodiment of the consummate professional, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Many, many thanks to you, Sue! Leap is a good read, too, if anyone’s interested.”  — Laura Goodman, Editor

Praise for 100 Years in the Nevada Governors’ Mansion

In closing, recognition must be given for two features of this book in particular: First, the substantial historical research that was required of Harpster to cull the histories and to assemble the material needed to make 100 Years a true historical resource, rather than a mere anecdotal, coffee table book.  Second, the high production value of 100 Years for which both Harpster and Stephens Press are to be commended.  With color photographs and illustrations throughout, plus the attention to graphic design, one would almost think this level of quality would make the book cost prohibitive to manufacture.  In a word, the book is sumptuous, and it will serve as resource for Nevada history as well.  — Joe McCoy, The Nevada Review

Praise for The Showgirl Nextdoor, Holly Madison’s Las Vegas

The Showgirl Next Door spreads: “They look fantastic. And lots of great words from Holly about Las Vegas.” — Total Rewards Magazine

I just saw the cover of the new Holly Madison book, and it’s fantastic! You’re like a triple threat … you design AND write … I guess the third threat would be that you know what makes for a great interview. You rock, as the kids say.—Scott Roeben, Pulse of Vegas Blog, Caesars Entertainment

Praise for Witch Hunt — The 21st Century Edition, by Devin O’Branagan

The cover Simon & Schuster designed for the first edition won a national award for best cover of the year. So, the fact this one is much better speaks very highly of Sue! But we know she rocks…she designed the cover for Glory too. — Devin O’Branagan

It looks sooooo good i wanna read it! — Annie Lehman

The cover is amazing; it literally reached out and grabbed my attention. Cant wait to read the re-release as well. — Jennifer Stench

I love the new cover! I can’t wait to read it. — Angie Clark

Absolutely love the cover, it rocks! I am so excited for this re-release. Kudos to Sue on the amazing cover!! — Michelle Ruiz

Praise for Glory: The Legend Begins, by Devin O’Branagan

I just added to an Amazon discussion on the Glory page about how BRILLIANT the cover is…also here on FB on the Like page for Instant VIP! — Ronda Del Baccio

Praise for Higher Than Eagles

I’m not sure that anything you do from here on could make that image any better.  It’s both dramatic, ethereal, and soaring.  I never dreamed Sue could make this so gorgeous.  Frankly, I was quite worried that the picture we sent you just couldn’t be adapted to look this good. How did it work out that everything wonderful landed on the same cover? I would be SO PROUD to carry around that book. Chris is happy, Bob is happy, I’m ecstatic. I don’t see how it can be improved in any way. I’m going to bed SO HAPPY. — Maralys Wills, author, Higher Than Eagles

Praise for 100 Years in the Nevada Governor’s Mansion

You should know I bought the Stephens Press Governor’s Mansion book simply for the beauty of the cover and inner pages! — Maralys Wills, author, Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead

Praise For The Home for the Friendless

I am moved to tears. Even if the book were never to get published this graphic of your cover tells the story.  It grabs you (me) and sucks me right in to 1937 and 38.  It is powerful. … the cover has to grab the viewer and scream at him/her “Pick me up and read me.” That’s the feeling I got when I first saw the graphic. Wonderful. — Bob Peal (brother of author, Betty Auchard)

Please tell this woman the cover is BRILLIANT!!!  How talented she is! — Don Elarton, Martelle, Iowa columnist

I’m also impressed with the aesthetics of the book itself: the satiny-smooth finish on the dust jacket, the solid feel of the cover, the font style and size of the print — it all seems like an uptown production that’s meant to last.  It’ll ultimately go on my shelf, probably close to Shakespeare. — Gene Bernardini

Perhaps it is Sue’s beautiful design that lures them in, but your book definitely attracted more attention than the other 50 completed projects I displayed.  That’s a very good indicator of shelf appeal and I suggest you get your book stocked in some retail locations. I also suggest that you enter book award competitions specifically for book design. — Stephanie Barko, literary publicist

For Life with McDuff

I highly recommend Sue Campbell as the graphic designer for self-publishing authors. She did an outstanding job designing the cover and interior design for my book, Life with McDuff: Lessons Learned from a Therapy Dog.  Her experience and expertise proved very helpful throughout the process.  Most importantly, Sue was a joy to work with because of her patience, attention to details, and promptness. — Judy McFadden, Author

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning “poor” and 5 meaning “excellent,” please evaluate:
Structure and organization:  5
Grammar:  5
Production quality and cover design:  5
How can the author improve this book?  Actually, I liked the book as it was. The book was attractive, the print easy to read, the organization well done. I found I couldn’t put the book down once I became immersed in it. The writing was clear and filled with love and humor, and I thought the production quality and the cover design was excellent. It is a book to be proud of, and I thank you for bringing it to the public. — Judge’s Comment ~ 18th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards

Praise for the You Are More Than Enough Achievement Journal, by Judi Moreo

Excerpted from a longer review: … this product is beautifully designed. Simply put, this is one of the most beautiful journals … of any kind … that I have ever seen. Every design element is well executed and the resulting piece is like a work of art. Truly beautiful! … Seldom do I award five stars and feel my rating is inadequate. Five stars for this product understates its beauty, utility, and value. — Dave Carpenter

Praise for the design of Education in the Neon, 50 Years of The Clark County School District

The Archive Committee LOVED LOVED LOVED the book! They couldn’t stop staring at it — especially John, the photographer. He was so impressed with the quality of the pages and the colors in the photos. You are truly an artist. Thank you. — Jami Carpenter, Editor/Project Director

About Passing Through, An Existential Journey Across America’s Outback, by Richard Menzies

Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours in the darkroom, straining to craft beautiful photographs–only to see them muddied up and murdered by clueless pressmen. To my infinite relief, the book was even nicer than I had envisioned. Much nicer, in fact! To this day people continue to compliment me on the layout, the typography, the first rate photo reproduction. I had nothing to do with any of that, of course, but still I take all the credit. Because–what the hey? My name’s on the cover! — Richard Menzies, Author

The production of the book is noteworthy. The author’s black and white photography helps to graphically tell the story. Passing Through makes a strong impression and this can be credited to designer Sue Campbell. As a coffee table book, Passing Through is physically large, which increases the overall impact. The graphic format (colors, layouts, fonts) come together to make the actual book as unusual as the stories contained within. — Delite Rancher, Phoenix, AZ (Amazon reviewer)

On the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue 50th Anniversary book

From the beginning, you expressed a “can do” attitude, especially with all the special requests we made along the way and you were very receptive to all the “curve balls” we threw at you during the editing stages. But you guys absolutely hit the ball out of the park! When I had one firefighter write, “I will be proud to pass this book down to my kids and grandkids …” I knew we hit the mark! And honestly, the final product was so much better than I could have ever imagined. You are truly a master of your trade! —Roy Lawson, Budget Analyst, LVFD

For Call of the Mountains, by Ann and Farley Olander

Anyone who opens the book won’t be able to put it down until she has at least browsed through it from beginning to end—the color photos and layout and design are indeed spectacular. — Jane B. Frick (Amazon reviewer)

This book is beautifully crafted and a complete delight.— Erica Skyrman (Amazon reviewer)