Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt by Devin O’Branagan

fiction; trade paper 5.5 x 7.5; ebook

The final cover uses an image that reflects how the author sees her main character. The cover fetures a wrap-around design on the print book. the image was manipulated to achieve the color and mystery desired and pentagram earrings added. The title fonts echo the wild wisps of the woman’s hair.

Leigh has been married to a Hawthorne for a decade, but never knew the family secret: the Hawthornes are witches. When the dynamic Preacher Cody instigates a new, world-wide witch hunt, Leigh must choose sides. Will she stand with her husband and children, or will she run? This isn’t the first witch hunt the Hawthornes have faced, but it could be their last. Will anyone survive?

wrap around Witch Hunt cover

Alternate unpublished covers below— We explored these designs that represented the symbols of witchcraft, and wicca, before ultimately deciding on representing the character. In each case the images were created using special effects techniques and composited.