Vegas Rag Doll

Vegas Rag Doll by Joe Shoenmann & Wendy Mazaros

Subtitled “A True Story of Terror and Survival as the Wife of a Mob Hit Man”, the cover needed to say “true crime” and woman at risk. The young woman’s expression and the superimposed gun did the trick. It’s pulp-fiction like, and set an immediate tone for this edgy story. Biography/true crime, 220 pages, print and ebook.

As a child, Wendy relished the small frontier town of Las Vegas. But as a teenager in the 1970s, Wendy’s troubled home life and rebellious spirit led her to the legendary Horseshoe Club on Fremont Street, where she hooked up with Ted Binion, youngest son of notorious gambling figure Benny Binion. Her affair with the casino scion soon devolved into dalliances with high-rolling gamblers and suitcase deliveries of cash to Midwest mobsters.Binion then passed off Wendy like a trophy to Tom Hanley, a man thirty-nine years older who nonetheless drew her affections and ultimately married her. In partnership with his sadistic son, Gramby, Tom was a mob hitman. Wendy became a terrified and silent witness to his numerous crimes. Authorities say Hanley may have been responsible for more than twenty murders over three decades.Vegas Rag Doll paints a compelling portrait of the final years of organized crime in Las Vegas. In a fascinating era when legitimate facades disguised dark secrets, Wendy had a front-row seat — and a knack for survival.