Vegas Knockout

Vegas Knockout: a novel in stories by P Moss

This image was taken by Sue Campbell inside a drugstore diner in old town Las Vegas. It was manipulated to give it painterly style and gritty appearance appropriate to the subject. The diner is a featured setting of the story-thread throughout the book.   Fiction 178 pages, print and ebook.

The fight of the century is almost here, and everyone in Sin City feels the buzz. The young journalist on the make. The lovesick con man. The rich man’s daughter with a very dirty secret. The king of Vegas nightlife. A clown who wants waffles. As the frenzy builds and the stakes–financial, emotional, moral–get higher, these and other indelible Vegas characters will put everything on the line. In these linked stories, the one and only P Moss shows you a darker, wilder, more uproarious side of this neon paradise.