Vagilantes by Julie Golden

fiction harcover

The image was selected to subtly convey the idea of the innocent victims of pedophiles without being graphic. The girl’s dress was blue and was shifted to red for this cover.

There are many fine points to planning a murder. Rayanne’s life is one of dangerous secrets. Deep within her, she keeps buried the details of the horrific sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Her public face is one of a competent professional who works hard to control the loose ends of everyday life for her clients in Boulder, Colorado. But behind that facade lies the heart of an antisocial, wounded animal-one that will soon become a predator herself. When she realizes that the star of her childhood nightmare has moved in next door, she is frozen with fear and indecision. Tapping into the feminine power she thought he had stolen from her all those years ago,she finds the strength to control her panic and to take justice into her own hands. She’ll now make certain that he will never hurt another innocent kid. Someone else unexpectedly confesses to his murder and her life becomes complicated again. Four women are drawn into her drama with a larger mission to fulfill-and soon, more pedophiles die.