To Dance on Sands

To Dance on Sands by Marta Beckett

memoir, 6 x 9

The eccentric ballerina who restored an abandoned opera house in the ghost town of Death Valley Junction, where she gave solo performances for her 15th century audience she painted on the walls. Composed, hand colored image of Marta placed over sepia-toned image of the Amargosa Oper House where she performed.

“Long before anybody invented the term performance art, Marta Becket was doing it, in an abandoned opera house in Death Valley Junction. She restored it and it restored her. With serene tenacity, she set down roots, working hard for decades, caring as well for endangered animals, including wild burros, until the world began coming to her.” -Boston Globe

“Becket’s saga epitomizes the eternal struggle of the artist for personal expression.” – Chicago Tribune

“There is indisputably a whiff of eccentricity about Ms. Becket’s enterprise. And if one might expect the woman herself – dark haired, trim, with the visible sinews of a dancer – to carry an eccentric air, she doesn’t, though there is a faint haughtiness of the artiste about her. Ms. Becket is self-aware, perfectly willing to admit that her shows and her painting have been her obsessions. In explanation of what amounts to her self-imposed exile, she said, ‘I couldn’t have created another world anyplace else’.” -New York Times