The Xs and Os of Success

The Xs and Os of Success by Lon Kruger and D.J. Allen

trade paper, business book

Lon Kruger has found a unique formula for success that includes bringing the very best out of his players and teams. He has done it with a dignity and class that is not always associated with the sporting world. Imagine if you could use those same principles to help improve your business or personal life?In The Xs & Os of Success: A Playbook for Leaders in Business and Life, Kruger does just that. He lays out his principles for taking over cultures seeking stability and direction and changing them into positive, successful environments that bring out the very best in people. These are lessons that are easily applied in the field of business . . . and in life.Kruger does an outstanding job of weaving his own basketball coaching experiences into quick-moving examples of his performance and leadership principles. By the time you reach the last page, you come away with an excellent understanding of why Lon Kruger is not only such an outstanding coach and person but also a brilliant motivator of people.