The Magician of Lhasa

The Magician of Lhasa by David Michie

fiction, hardcover, ebook

This cover needed to convey the dual storyline in pre-invasion Tibet, and contemporary Los Angeles. The story revolves around monks, ancient scriptures, and scientists, and quantum physics. The writing in the background is actual Tibetan prayers, and the equations are physics shown spinning off the prayer wheel of the praying monk—all juxtaposed upon a painterly image of a monastery in Tibet. Image composed by Sue.

When novice monk Tenzin Dorje is told by his lama that the Red Army is invading Tibet, his country’s darkest moment paradoxically gives him a sense of purpose like no other. He accepts a mission to carry two ancient, secret texts across the Himalayas to safety.

Half a century later, in a paradox of similarly troubling circumstances, Matt Lester is called upon to convey his own particular wisdom as a scientist, when Matt’s nanotech project is mysteriously moved from London to a research incubator in Los Angeles.

Tenzin and Matt embark on parallel adventures which have spine-chilling connections. Tenzin’s perilous journey through the Himalayas, amid increasing physical hardship and the ever-present horror of Red Army capture, is mirrored by Matt’s contemporary, but no less traumatic challenges, as his passionate relationship with his fiancée, Isabella, and his high flying career undergo escalating crises.

It is at the moment when both Tenzin and Matt face catastrophe that their stories converge, spectacularly transforming our understanding of all that has gone before.