Steadfast Sisters of the Silver State

Steadfast Sisters of the Silver State 

by the Southern Nevada Women’s History Project

history, biography; 8.5 x 11″ Hardcover

Cover features a composed image with added playing cards, vintage photos of some of the women featured dropped into added frames, aged and edited to fit.

Steadfast Sisters of the Silver State was created by the Southern Nevada Women’s History Project. Its volunteers combed the state for evidence of the lasting contributions by one hundred noteworthy Nevada women to the growth and culture of their communities. To paint a vivid profile of each woman, the organization’s volunteers conducted interviews, unearthed private papers, consulted public records, and collected historical accounts from newspapers and oral histories.

Forty-two women authors are responsible for the rich accounts of these one hundred women. Each made her mark in arenas ranging from civil rights to animal rights, from casino ownership to casino operations, as well as in marketing, modeling, medicine, mining, the media, or the military. Also documented are female leaders in the arts, education, philanthropy, public safety, sports, politics, and government of Nevada.