Life with McDuff

Life with McDuff: Lessons Learned from a Therapy Dog by Judy McFadden

memoir; trade paper, 5.5 x 7.5″

Cover required making the best of the author’s snapshot of her deceased dog—clipping the black dog out of a complicated background took some time! Sunny colors and pawprints make it fun.

Judy McFadden shares the story of her nine-year journey with McDuff, the mystical Scottish terrier therapy dog, and the life lessons she learned while accompanying him on his mission to provide comfort and joy. From the moment she saved his life as a nine-week old puppy, an incredible bond deepened that couldn’t be broken—even after his death. Judy witnessed five young adults with handicaps respond to McDuff in amazing ways. Steven, a fifth grader who experienced crippling reading difficulties, advanced from a “D” average to the honor roll in twelve weeks after reading to McDuff. McDuff also provided his special brand of therapy during tumultuous events in the Judy’s life. He had two sides, one dedicated and dignified and the other stubborn and hilarious. Judy describes how time after time his stubbornness and off-the-chart intelligence combined to outsmart and frustrate her to tears. You will laugh, cry, and learn valuable life-changing lessons in Life with McDuff.