It Came From Del Rio

It Came From Del Rio by Stephen Graham Jones

fiction, hardcover, tradepaper, ebook

Zombie bunny illustration by Ry Spirit. Illustration was sources and revisions made by the artist to make this the perfect picture to pull off the pulp-fiction look of the mid-20th century. Scuffing and dirt were added to age the look of the cover.

There are borders and then there are borders. Between right and wrong. Between Texas and Mexico. The first is a joke to Dodd Raines, the second a payday. Then there’s the borders he’s made. Between himself and his estranged daughter, the border patrol agent. Between himself and his one-time employers. And there’s another border, one he cares about even less than the Rio Grande: the border between life and death. Used to, the shadow Dodd Raines cast when he stood dripping from that water – it was the shadow of a fugitive. But now that fugitive’s coming home, and the shadow he’s casting? It’s got rabbit ears. Listen, you can hear the chupacabras padding along beside him – their new master. He’s that big guy in the hood, slouching out by the gas pumps. Walking north, for justice. Austin’s never seen anything like Dodd Raines, and never will again. Get ready.