Blue Vegas

Blue Vegas: a novel in stories by P Moss

This cover for a gritty novel about the seamier side of Las Vegas uses an image of a vintage motel marquee sign. Taken by the publisher, the image was heavily manipulated to emphasize a grainy and oversaturated look. The design evokes the gamut of stories which paint a picture of a place where hard luck, and pushing boundaries are not uncommon in places tourists rarely go. Fiction, 150 pages, print and ebook.

Probing the dark, human stories lurking in the neon shadows, Blue Vegas represents the work of a writer who knows Las Vegas and is a keen observer of its diverse population. These seventeen stories explore the clash between old and new Las Vegas, and the quest for scraps of love and dignity amid the ruins of the lives of has-been showgirls, desperate killers, degenerate gamblers and quick buck mercenaries.The debut title for CityLife Books, Blue Vegas shines a light on the hard luck, faded dreams and lingering anguish faced by people who’ve been trampled by this single minded city.