100 Years in the Nevada Governor’s Mansion

100 Years in the Nevada Governor’s Mansion by Jack Harpster

This project was the official commemorative book on the subject of the mansion for its centennial celebration. 11″ x 8.5″ / 256 pages. Full color illustrated history of the governor’s mansion. Hardcover featured leatherette binding with jacket—silver foil-stamped and embossed.

Concept, design, and production, included photo research and image editing. Sue also served as copy editor on the project. The work includes vintage wallpapers (some from the mansion), and sourced period items and historical documents enhanced to dress up the presentation. Many of these documents consisted of archived photos of poor qualtiy, or even photocopies. These were hand-colored, or otherwise enhanced, overlaid on antique paper textures, and in some cases “re-aged” with appropriate wear, and even coffee stains applied! Reproductions of historical photos or art work were framed in appropriate frames. Sue sourced historically relevant items from the Library of Congress to add to the story. The beautiful contemporary photography of the mansion, by publisher Carolyn Hayes Uber, was extended by collections from the governors and stock imagery in the Nevada locales of note.

The text was thoughtfully designed to lead the reader through the story and images. Fonts, typestyles, and layout were carefully chosen to reflect the history and significance of the mansion.

This book shows what can be done with limited materials, a challenging budget, and a willingness to go the extra mile to produce a fine product.