Hello (again) world!

Nine years and 11 months from the date of this post (in 2007) I posted this:

So, I am moving my journal over here from Live Journal. I’ll probally go grab some of my posts from the last few years that I want to keep and copy them over here.

This Blogger thing works a bit different from LJ, so it’ll take a while to figure out. I’ll probably make this a little more about my various work projects and personal creative projects. But likely a bit of my personal day to day musings will be posted here too. So…anyway. Here I am.

My first post on Live Journal was dated 2003. That was more like a personal journal than a website of my own. Before Live Journal I hung out a bit on Compuserve. Remember that? You’re probably not old enough! Then in 2007 I moved to Blogger. In 2009, I moved to WordPress.com with another free blogsite, I think was on there only about a year and then decided I wanted my own hosted “permanent site”.   I guess this makes me an interwebs pioneer, or oldtymer.

And, here I am again, it’s 2017 and I’m rebuilding my site here on WordPress because, well, it’s been 10 years!